The end of a badge… but the start of two more 😬

Tonight we finished our Disney themed badge with a game of sleeping lions. It gave us a very quiet room 🤭. We’d never heard the girls so quiet!!

We then moved on to start our roundabout badge. At the beginning of the term we couldn’t decide between Get Healthy or Festivals. So we’re going to squeeze in the two!!

For Get Healthy we practiced our Yoga 🧘‍♀️ we had some great balances. We also managed to create an aerobic routine and learned some new stretches and warm up moves.

For Festivals; a little less active!! We’ve made Mexican Maracas ready to find out more about different festivals around the world next week!!

Lots of forms also came back tonight to book onto activities after Easter, the beach, fundays and camp!!

It’s Sleepover this weekend so keep an eye for another update to round-up the fun from there!!

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