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We’re all future girls…

At the end of 2021 we were given a batch of Future Girl badges, we wanted to make use of these to provide something fun and exciting for the girls.

Originally these badges were given to units free when they completed some activities to inform the latest strategy. From the results of this the current Future Girl resources were created. See more information here:

In 2019 the first future girl acts week happened and we acted on plastic (and had a special badge for this too). 2020 (covid) put a stop to the next ones (hoping we get one later this year). Girlguiding did however create a badge and resource about each of the 5 areas.

So… what did we do and how did we do it.

Each of our leaders took an area and delivered some activities for it. We met for 3 hours and in five groups we rotated around every half an hour.

We took the 5 areas and did activities in each:

Adventurer: soft archery. We got adventurous and had the chance to have a go or develop our skills further with the archery sets.

Planet protectors: we discussed animals that are close to extinction and made badges (also a UMA). Upcycled bottles into plant pots and cup and ball games.

Barrier breaker: we tried our DIY skills. Changing batteries and LEGO house building. We’ve got some fab play DIY woodwork sets that we’ve had for a while. This gave us the chance to practice our sawing skills and then either hammer and nail or using a screwdriver to attach them together. We’re looking for other alternatives once we’ve used this set up as the material isn’t particularly environmentally friendly.

Respect makers: we made friendship bracelets and gave them to someone we didn’t know, made chatterboxes and played a yes or no game with statements about friendship.

Self believers: we took time to care for ourselves, had a go at yoga, did some mindful colouring in (we were shocked that adults do colouring in too) and breathing stories to calm ourselves down.

We had such a fun afternoon and we’ve got a little bit of extra money to put towards our birthday trip out.

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