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Badge stock update

As a unit we’re really lucky to have such a great team of leaders. Not only do they give their time each week, but they go above and beyond to provide extra activities and to find grants and funding opportunities to reduce the cost of these events. The majority of the fundraising we do goes to support all three rainbow units that Misty and Cloudy are involved with so all girls are able to experience fun and adventure.

Fun badges

We’ve got a series of 5 fun badges currently, these include Princess Fun, Global Fun, Animal Fun, Circus Fun and Garden Fun – with at least three others in the pipeline… But let us know what badge themes you’d like to see!!

Stock levels

We currently have the following stock of badges we manage:
Princess Fun – 936
Global Fun – 578
Animal Fun – 197
Circus Fun – 287
Garden Fun – 278
35th Birthday (Coral) – 909
History Heroes – 650

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