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During the 2020 lockdown, we moved Rainbows online and started delivering virtual Rainbows. We’d hoped it wouldn’t be for long, but we’ve run more than 20 sessions online now. Due to this we’ve created a lot of resources to use in these sessions, and want to share them with you.

Programme related resources

We’ve got a variety of Unit Meeting Activities and Skills Builders that can be used to help girls fulfil elements of the programme.

Click here: Programme Downloads

Challenge Badges

We’ve created our first challenge badges, Global Fun, Animal Fun and Princess Fun. This page will provide you with the relevant resources for these badges.

Our new challenge; Circus Fun is coming soon… but the badges are super cute and have neon thread too!!

Click here: Our Challenges

Other Resources

Instructions for running a virtual sleepover, other challenges we’ve completed and other random activities.

Click here: Other Downloads

Thank you so much to everyone who has used our resources for their girls, please do continue to use what you need. As we head back to hopefully being able to meet in person our resources will change slightly to provide support with socially distanced activities and adaptations, some Zoom style activities to keep you going and we’ll be launching some other things too.
If you’re able to support the unit, we’ve got an Amazon Wishlist for some items that will be of use moving forwards ( to enable us to continue providing girls with varied and new opportunities.

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