Temporary Subs Payment Page

We’ve mentioned that we’ll need to charge part of our termly fees this term to enable us to pay our annual membership fee and also to cover any badges that we/girls complete during the time we’re not meeting.

We know this is a tough time and don’t want to add additional pressure. We need to charge a minimum of £10 per girl to cover the annual membership fee, and then as well as this we need to cover any badges the girls work towards either independently (interest badges) or as a unit (challenge badges like home sweet home).

Therefore we would like to ask for £15 to take us to the end of the summer term – please be aware that if we’re back after May half term we will need to pay our hall rent as well, so may need to rethink.

If you’re able to contribute any more then this will alleviate some of the pressure the unit will be under when we return to face to face guiding, but equally, if you’re in a situation where you can’t afford to pay anything, then please get in touch, as we’ll see what we can do to ensure all girls can continue with us.

Lockdown Subs

This is the subs we need to charge during lock down to ensure we can continue operating as a unit.


Term Subs

You should pay this three times a year, September, January and April.