Pay fees here

On this page you can pay for the termly fees for your Rainbow and also pay for the other events and activities that we have available.

Please note that the unit does get charged for payments made online. We’d prefer cash or cheque where possible.

Term Subs

You should pay this three times a year, September, January and April.


Joining Fee

This is only paid for your first term at Rainbows and covers your welcome pack



This is the county 50th Birthday event on 29 June 2019


Fundays at Gilwell

This is the unit trip happening on 8 June 2019.


Sleepover (Overnight)

Use this to pay for an over night spot at Rainbow Sleepover


Sleepover Day Visit

Use this option to pay for a day visit to a sleepover



Use this to pay for either an overnight or day spot at camp.