Summer Holiday Activity Fun – Badge Days

Over the summer we’ll host 6 different badge days; girls can opt in to as many of them as they’d like. We’re having to charge as we need to cover the additional Zoom costs, the badges and the administration costs behind getting them ready, any additional money will go towards an adventure for everyone once we’re back together.

You can either pay for a ‘season ticket’ to complete all six days or you can pay for the specific days you’d like to do. We will meet together three times during the day. Once in the morning to kick off our badge day, once at lunchtime where we’ll play a game or two and then late afternoon to see how things have gone and what everyone has been up to.

Saturday 18 JulyRoundabout Seasons£2.50
Monday 3 AugustUgly Bug Ball£3.50
Saturday 8 AugustSpace Challenge£2.50
Friday 14 AugustRoundabout Rainbows£2.50
Saturday 22 AugustRoundabout Get Healthy£2.50
Thursday 27 AugustABC Challenge£2.50
All of the aboveAll of the above£12.50

We have set a limit for the Ugly Bug Ball day as we only have 38 badges, all others we don’t need to worry, so can have as many girls and siblings as want to join. You can book for younger and older siblings as well if you’d like to.

Badge Day Season Pass

This will give you access to all 6 activity days.


Roundabout Seasons – 18 July

You'll work towards this badge throughout the day 😀


Ugly Bug Ball – 3 August

On this day you'll work towards a special Ugly Bug Ball badge and also the insects and minibeast PawPrint


Space Challenge – 8 August

We'll be working towards a Space themed challenge badge


Roundabout Rainbows – 14 August

We'll be working towards this fun badge


Roundabout Get Healthy – 22 August

We'll be working towards this roundabout badge.


ABC Challenge – 27 August

We'll be working towards the ABC challenge - it's a long one so giving you a whole bank holiday weekend to work on bits if you'd like to.


If you’re able to donate anything to our first outing when we’re back together then that’d be more than amazing:

Donate – £5


Donate – £10