Welcome to the 4th Northumberland Heath Rainbows’ website.

Our website has two purposes, firstly for other guiding volunteers, we share what we have been up to, resources and some of our challenge badges. There are lots of posts which will give you an idea as to how we have delivered activities, and our downloads page is where you will find all of the resources.

For parents and the community, we aim to give you an insight in to what we get up to as a unit and the fun we have. You can also find out more about joining us too. Our activities enable us to #HaveAdventures #ExpressMyself #KnowMyself #TakeAction #BeWell and develop #SkillsForMyFuture. Want to find out more? take a look at the video above, register online and email northheathrainbows4@gmail.com with your questions.

Recent Posts:

6-week Rainbow Socially Distanced Term Plan

As we approach moving back to face to face guiding, we’ve had a go at putting one of our challenge badges in to a term plan, alongside activities from the programme to ensure girls are still working towards programme badges. This is a six week princess themed term plan enabling girls to complete the Lead […]

Easter Activities

When we first moved on to Zoom in 2020 for virtual guiding we had to change our end of term celebration evening to an online session. We actually ended up running throughout the Easter holidays and had this Easter themed evening one week. We started by getting them to find things at home to spell […]

Animal Fun Sleepover

We’re going to be hosting a virtual sleepover for our unit. We’ve got lots of plans for the weekend!! Find out more


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