Welcome to the 4th Northumberland Heath Rainbows’ website.

Our website has two purposes, firstly for other guiding volunteers, we share what we have been up to, resources and some of our challenge badges. There are lots of posts which will give you an idea as to how we have delivered activities, and our downloads page is where you will find all of the resources.

For parents and the community, we aim to give you an insight in to what we get up to as a unit and the fun we have. You can also find out more about joining us too. Our activities enable us to #HaveAdventures #ExpressMyself #KnowMyself #TakeAction #BeWell and develop #SkillsForMyFuture. Want to find out more? take a look at the video above, register online and email northheathrainbows4@gmail.com with your questions.

Recent Posts:

Girlguiding Hero

We’re half way through week 2 of the Autumn term and what a term it is turning out to be. Tuesday we had some more new Rainbows visit and we had so much fun pretending to be cars and learning about how cars signal to show where they want to go, we thought about who […]

Thank you

This week has been wonderful. Yesterday we received an Amazon delivery containing something from our wishlist. The folders we received will be very useful to store the resources we’ve created for some of our unit meeting activities. This means we can store them in our cupboard for the next time we want to do the […]

Another Term Plan or 2

We found it really helpful to other units to share the activities we’re getting up to and how we’re fitting in programme activities as well as fun badges too. You can see below two more term plans. I often get questions about how we fit it all in – but we have slightly longer meetings […]


We wanted to share a little about the fundraising we do and what we spend the money on. We work generally as a group of 3 units when it comes to fundraising (1st Barnehurst, 4th Barnehurst and 4th North Heath). The reason for this, is whenever we do an event outside of our unit meeting […]

Welcoming new Rainbows

We always knew that it’d be a quieter start to term with only a few left on our books from the last term and also not many on our list to start. We decided to host a taster evening for anyone interested in becoming a Rainbow. We had 7 potential new Rainbows turn up along […]

Taster Night

Tuesday 7 September at 6pm. We’re holding a taster night for potential new Rainbows (plus our existing Rainbows will be there too). We’ve got some making activities, some games and some team activities too. All so girls can find out about Rainbows before joining. If you know someone who’d like to come along and try […]


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