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Documents for download


Over the summer break we’re running some virtual badge days for our girls. We’ve got some old programme badges that they’ll earn for their blankets. We’ll be adding to this over the next few weeks 😀

This covers elements for Camp stages 1 and 2, Explore stages 1 and 2 and some other Rainbow unit meeting activities.

Princess Fun – these were designed by our unit teams as part of the girls’ request for a princess sleepover

Big Five – these were created for our first virtual sleepover and are the instructions we sent out to parents.

Home Sweet Home – these are the instructions and activities we used to complete this challenge badge

UMA activity instructions – these are all adapted to meet the requirements of a Zoom meeting.

Skills Builder Instructions – these are all adapted to meet the requirements of a Zoom meeting.

We’re working on a variety of other activities; from some badge days over the summer holidays to other Skills Builders and a virtual camp to cover Camp 1/2 and Explore 1…

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One of our local Guide units has their own page with some resources and this can be found here: