Programme Downloads

This page contains all of our programme related content – feel free to download and use as needed. Our non programme resources can all be found on another page.

All resources adapted to meet the requirements of a Zoom meeting or for posting out. Thank you very much to our sister units 1st and 4th Barnehurst Rainbows who have shared their activities with us so we can pop them all online. Don’t forget you can find other fun activities in our challenge badges too.

The above PowerPoints cover Live Smart 1 SB and the following UMAs:
– World Centre Postcards
– Pedal Power
– Out and About
– Trick and Turn
– Turn them Blue
– Pizza Party
– Everyday Inventors
– Story Trail
If you’d like to choose other countries or grab the Global Fun badges they can be found here

Thank you so much to everyone who has used our resources for their girls, please do continue to use what you need. As we head back to hopefully being able to meet in person our resources will change slightly to provide support with socially distanced activities and adaptations, some Zoom style activities to keep you going and we’ll be launching some other things too.
If you’re able to support the unit, we’ve got an Amazon Wishlist for some items that will be of use moving forwards ( to enable us to continue providing girls with varied and new opportunities.

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