Better late than never….

We’ve been up to so much since our last post. Just so much to tell you, so let’s start with the Division trip to the Zoo. 

On 11 June we joined 500 other members from across the Division at Colchester Zoo!! We had the chance to come together and sing 🎶 Happy Birthday 🎶 to the Rainbows in their 30th Birthday year… then we had the rest of the day to spot as many animals as possible… we found monkeys and tigers and elephants and meerkats and penguins and flamingoes and giraffes… the list just goes on!! 

Take a look at us all!!

500+ members of the Division
Can you spot a meerkat too?

Since then we finished our ‘All the fun of the fair’ badge with bubbles… a photo booth… popcorn… and designing our own theme park rides. 

Rainbow heroes!!!
Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles

So what’s next?? We’re about to start on our Growing Up Wild ‘at the seashore’ pawprint and go on our annual camp out with an adventure day too!!!

Watch this space 😬

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