… and we’re back!!

It’s all back to normal after the Christmas break 🙂

Tonight the girls will be writing invitations to our Bring a Friend Night, choosing a Roundabout to complete this term and introducing our badge for the term.

There’ll be lots of skills learned throughout the term while having lots of fun completing the ‘Magical Kingdoms’ challenge badge.

Our plans include:

  • A Dreams Night – Our aspirations for the future (near and far)
  • Superhero Night – what makes a superhero and what super powers might we want
  • Bring a Friend Night – Princess themed activities, including wands and Frozen treats as well as a Mrs Potts activity
  • Thinking Day – It’s our annual celebration to think about girls around the world who are part of guiding and thank our founders Robert Baden-Powell and his Sister Agnes.
  • Dumbo Activities – thinking about how everyone is different and that we should be grateful for this 🙂
  • Mary Poppins Night – Raising 2p (tuppence) for others and making Kites and measuring ourselves 🙂

As well as all of this, we’ve got a sleepover, activity day, trip to the panto and we’re starting to look at outings for the summer term.

All in all it’s going to be another busy term!! But full of lots of fun, adventure and skills for the future!!

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