Sleepover Roundup

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again 🤭. Sleepover weekend is my favourite part of running a rainbow unit!!

Our theme for sleepover this time was Charlie and the Chocolate factory and we had so much fun!!

We made things, played games, explored the out of doors, challenged ourselves, developed new skills and had so much fun!!

We love getting out and about and exploring the grounds, as well as playing on the adventure playground. We had some time out of doors on Saturday afternoon. The tyres were so hard to cross!!

We had to try our hand at making some sweet treats too! This is us making peppermint creams!

We needed lots of team work as it got tougher to combine the mixture!!

Feedback was great, all of the girls said they’d come again 😬

We’re already planning our Camp for June/July where we’ll be focusing on outdoor activities!!


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