A visit to Pax Lodge

Following activities about the world centres back in October. Click here for more

The girls asked to visit one… as we couldn’t take them to India; we were lucky enough to be able to arrange a trip to Pax Lodge

Pax Lodge is one of the 5 world centres and is right here in London!!

After a journey of train, tube and walking we made it!! Cloudy checked us in and we got started…

We were lucky enough to join a Pinning Ceremony at the flag pole. We were taught about the Pax Lodge pin and why it’s so special. Only those who visit are allowed to have a Pax Lodge pin. We shouldn’t give it away or sell it and we must keep it safe.

We finished the ceremony by renewing our promise and then Ladybird, Sunshine and Snowdrop made their promise for the first time!!

After lunch we started the Pax Lodge challenge. This meant us looking for answers all around the building about the history of the centre and also the international aspect of guiding. All girls managed to earn their badge!!

We moved on to Girlguiding Headquarters where we had a chance to chill out and explore Icando, do some shopping before heading home.

We made it back to Bexley right on time and are now looking forward to our next outing!!

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