The first week back

As a unit we’ve been really lucky to be able to have some in-person meetings from September to December (apart from the November lockdown) and these were great fun.

With the news of lockdown 3 we’ve reverted to zoom as we want to ensure the girls can keep guiding and having fun (and the leaders too).

This week we started simple – we found out about what they got up to since we last saw them and if they were good enough for Father Christmas to visit… and then we played lots of games. Our favourite games this week were drawing on our head. You pop the piece of paper on top of your head and have a go at drawing something.

Here’s Cloudy’s attempts at an Elephant and a Giraffe.

We played lots of other games and did some other drawing activities.

The girls love creating – so a quick 5 minute drawing filler is always great to have in our back pocket. Why not try popping 50 dots on a piece of paper (anywhere you like no order) and then connecting the dots to make some pictures, just like dot to dot you shouldn’t lift your pen off of the paper – it’s hard but super fun!!

Next week we’re going to start on a Skills Builder and we’ve got some really fun things planned for this term, including making Pizza and more.

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