April to May half term – The roundup

What a six weeks!! It’s been great to be back in person and to have so many new Rainbows join us for the first time.

This term we have worked on our Lead skills builder badge which has been great fun and seen us making marble mazes, teaching each other our talents, finding out what makes us all unique and even designing our own team zoos! We managed to do this badge so that those who had already earned stage 1 but are waiting for a space at Brownies were able to earn stage 2. We’re hopeful that social distancing will be reduced for September so that those who are able to can move up.

Alongside this badge, we’ve been doing lots of garden themed activities, from growing a sprouting tent to playing the beans game. We’ve made our own adventure gardens with swings and tree houses and animals and waterfalls and water slides, the girls have so much imagination, I want to go to all of the different gardens.

Our final session of the term has seen us make birthday cards for the Queen, completed Monster Mash and planned our royal tea party.

We’re so proud of how well the girls have managed to keep their distance and adapt to the covid secure rules.

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