We’re all going on a Summer Holiday…

Well that’s it another term over and boy it’s been busy. 

This term we’ve worked on two badges:

All the fun at the fair

This badge had us designing fairground rides, trying our hand at circus skills, making and eating popcorn and playing giant games. 

Growing Up Wild at the Seashore 

Our last few weeks had us thinking about beach safety, the animals that live in the sea and building sand castles. We finished last night with a beach party… playing in the sand and eating chips 😬

The girls have also had the chance to complete two more badges at home over the holiday so we hope to award lots of badges in September. 


It’s never nice to say goodbye and every term we lose some girls. This term we saw 5 girls leave and while 4 are off to Brownies, one is moving away… we hope she manages to find a Rainbow place near her new home. 


With our goodbyes we we’re fortunate enough to say hello!! We had 4 Rainbows visit to try us out ready to become a Rainbow in September. 

If you know someone who’d like to become a Rainbow… what are they waiting for!! Get them to register online at www.girlguiding.org.uk/interested so we can get them a space!!!

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