Discussions and Games

Our first night back is when we evaluate last term and check that our plans going forward are what they suggested. 

We tend to have a couple of discussion points based around the term themes as well. 

Last night’s discussions were about different hats I could wear as I get older. They ranged from teacher to hair dresser and from scientist to builder. We’re looking forward to experiencing some of these ‘hats’ throughout the term to complete our Hat’s off to Rainbows badge. 

Our other discussion was around Adventure!! 

What does Adventure mean to you…

  • Visiting a big city
  • Swinging from a vine in the jungle
  • Climbing a mountain
  • Going underwater
  • Travelling on a train

We’re now looking at how we can incorporate some of these into Rainbows over the next year. We may not be able to swing from a vine, but we may be able to visit a high ropes course. We could however definitely travel on a train and visit a big city so we can now look to plan these in. 

Next week we kick off with our construction hat where we’ll be using tools to get an idea of what a builder might do!!

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