Virtual Guiding – The BIG 5 Sleepover Challenge

We’ve hosted two virtual sleepovers with our Rainbows. This was our first one, we’d like to share the resources we used from this event.

We sent out on the Friday morning the timetable for the sleepover, the instructions for the Friday evening as a PDF as well so they could see them in advance and knew what we would be asking. Then at 8am on Saturday morning we sent them the instructions for the activities for Saturday.

Our learning from this was to send them the full set of instructions a little further in advance and just email the Zoom details for the event on the morning of the sleepover. This meant they’d have more time to get the activity equipment and choose what they’d like to do.

If you’d like an alternative format of the instructions just let us know!! We’ve got them by PPT too.

Fancy seeing what we did for the second sleepover? Click here: Princess Fun Sleepover

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