Princess Fun Sleepover

We had such an awesome sleepover!! We were joined by 41 Rainbows across the three units for a night of princess fun.

We met yesterday at 5:30pm – kicked off our sleepover and got excited about all of the activities we could try. We then helped to cook dinner and made our dens and even managed to complete one activity before we came back together at 8pm for a bedtime story.

We slept in our dens and then came together for breakfast at a very early 8:30am… which for some Rainbows was too much… for others they were bright eyed and bushy tailed (having been awake since 5am).

We continued with activities until 11am when we had a game of Princess Bingo. We were all winners 😀

We had our last activity session before coming together to ‘hand out’ badges at 1pm and find out what activities everyone had been up to!!

Here’s the instructions for the activities we were able to do. Click the link to download


Here are just a few photos of what the girls got up to!!

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