Virtual Fundays

Over the summer break we’ve taken the opportunity to build on our virtual offer, to use up some excess badges and fundraise for when we’re back to ‘normal’ whenever that may be…

What did we do?

We ran 6 badge days spread out over the holidays. We then charged parents for the badge and a little towards our Zoom Pro account. Anything extra went to our fundraising pot ready for when we’re allowed to do more.

How did we do it?

We accepted payments through this website from a hidden page which we’d emailed out, or we offered the opportunity to pay through bank transfer too. We also offered a ‘season pass’ which made it slightly cheaper if they wanted to do all of them.

Around a week before the day we sent out the instructions for all of the activities, the Zoom link and the timetable for any set activities.

We met in the morning to kick off and usually completed an activity, met again at lunchtime and again would normally complete an activity and then finish at 4pm when we’d ‘present’ badges by ‘handing’ them through the camera and the girls would ‘collect’ them their end. We’ll actually give them their badges the next time we see them!!

What resources did we use?

We created a PDF document for each of the six days. You can find them on our downloads page too. For some we sent some additional documents based on the badge, very few needed this. The girls and their families then chose the activities and collated the resources they’d need for the activities. Some days we’re more resource heavy than others.

Were they a success?

From a leader’s perspective.. yes although they took a lot of time to prepare the resources. We have raised almost £300 for the units which will be really helpful moving forwards.

From the girls… definitely; the girls have commented at the end of every day that they loved the activities.

From the parents… yes, again, the parents have loved that it’s given their girls something to do over the summer although they have also learned that glitter is a no go!!

Would we do it again?

In a heartbeat!! We’re waiting though to see what happens and when we’re allowed to see each other with a little bit more normality.

If you’re interested and want to find out more, or have questions just get in touch with us!!

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