What a year… so far…

2020 was set to be an awesome year, we had so much planned, and although Covid has put a stop to some things, it’s also given us lots of other opportunities.

We’ve built our website more, we’ve shared resources galore and had almost 3000 downloads!! More than we could ever imagine!!

We’ve created two fun badges (more to come). As a long term fundraising iniative we’ve designed a series of fun badges. We’ve popped together some packs of activities to go alongside them, but the badges are the real seller 😀

We’ve built better relationships with our parents, girls have actively encouraged their parents to not only sit with them, but to join in too!! Take a look at our ‘Royal Engagement’ activity for just one way Rainbows can involve their parents.

We’ve had more interest badges to hand out than ever before, and one of our ‘Easter leavers’ managed to get her first theme award as Covid gave her the gift of time to complete her first interest badge. We’re so proud of all Rainbows for everything they’ve achieved.

We’ve learned how to use Zoom, girls and leaders!! Rainbows are now confident to unmute themselves when they need to. They’ve also learnt to turn off their camera if they don’t want us to see them sing 🙂

We’ve grown, every single girl and leader has developed new skills and confidence. Way back in March when we’d ask for volunteers to talk about what they have been up to it was just a few that would offer, now we have lots of girls popping their hand up to have their turn too.

How has your year been? What have you learned? What have you achieved? What is next for you?

If you’re interested in any of our resources, head over to the downloads page. If you’re interested in our fun badges, you can find those here.

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