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For our face to face sessions we’d normally use a mixture of real coins and play coins to complete the Marvellous Money activity, alongside Fruit Shop UMA. Our favourite play coins are linked at the bottom for anyone interested in them.

For the virtual arena we asked girls to have one of each coin, 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2. We then asked them to look at them, order them in value and take some rubbings of them. We then shared some pictures of some different toys with a cost for them. They had to use their coins to work out which ones they’d use to buy it. They could only use each coin once for the item.

For Catwalk Craze we made our own Bingo game, girls had to write down 9 different places from a list including Rainbows, School, Woodland Walk, Beach, Swimming pool, dance, football and more. We then showed them an item of clothing on the screen and they had to tick off one place that they would wear it. They could only tick off one place each time, so although they might wear a vest to School or for a woodland walk they could choose one.

For Stick it, fix it we had a couple of options for our virtual arena; we shared some pictures of broken things and they had to match up with how they could fix it. If they had a cardboard box and a plastic bottle we got them to do these themselves, parents popped a hole in them and the girls had to use things they had at home to fix them.

Our favourite resources for these activities when in-person. These are affiliate links so the Rainbow unit makes a little bit of money if you buy the item from this link:

Rainbow coloured duck tape:

Play money:

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