Pizza Time

We went a little off of our term plan this week and decided to have our Pizza Party. The girls were very excited.

Basic ingredients list of pizza base or a wrap, tomato puree or chocolate spread and toppings of your choice.

We started the meeting as usual with our opening song and the girls all saying hello to each other. It’s so lovely as they aren’t seeing their friends at school so they’re very excited to see everyone.

Then we got cracking. We popped the instructions on screen and the girls got making. We had dinner pizzas and dessert pizzas. Free choice, after all, it’s all about the fact we’re different.

While the savoury pizzas cooked we had a go at some topsy turvy art too. They coloured in their pizza before drawing the outline. Some girls found it really easy while others thought it was a bit harder, but they had some great pictures.

When pizzas were cooked they sat down together to tuck in, no-one really spoke, but they showed us what they had on their pizza and how yummy it was. Once we were done eating we had a couple of treasure hunts around our house. Starting with ‘something that makes you happy’ – we had everything from pets, to toys, to mums and dads and grandparents, and some siblings tucked in too. Our other hunts were something with hands (and it couldn’t be a person) and something with wheels. The girls love to find things around the house to show us, and whenever they have the same toy as someone else they get very excited 😀

A ‘healthy’ pizza
A ‘Rainbow’ pizza because I love Rainbows 😀
Even though I’m not a fan of zoom… I want to join in.
My Sweetie Surprise

We had so much fun… we hope you do too!!

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