Celebration Zoom Session

Easter Activities

When we first moved on to Zoom in 2020 for virtual guiding we had to change our end of term celebration evening to an online session. We actually ended up running throughout the Easter holidays and had this Easter themed evening one week.

We started by getting them to find things at home to spell out EASTER – they used building bricks, toy cars, clothes and so much more.

After this we had a go at singing… we know the lag causes some problems but it was fun and they joined in more with the actions than the singing. But the words were on the screen so they could join in if they wanted to.

Our final activity was to get them to create a mascot using things they had at home loo roll tubes, an egg or other random craft things – but we didn’t want them to buy anything for it so that it was kept as cheap as possible. But it was great fun. We’ll be looking to something similar for this Easter, and will share once we’ve finished planning.

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