How to: Paint the Past on Zoom

We loved running Paint the Past on Zoom – it was one of the first activities we did on Zoom and worked really well. Find out how we delivered this.

We started off simple -asked girls to have pens and paper ready (this is the most common resource we use on zoom).

We kicked off by sharing a cave painting – we asked them what they could see in the picture. We used the mute all and asked girls to put their hands up if they had something. We then asked the girl to unmute to share her answer. It’s great to teach the girls where the mute/unmute button is as it can be hard to hear if they are all chatting away or have noise in the background.

We then shared our summary slide – yes, they show different stories from the past, of catching food or making clothes and they help us remember what the past was like. We then shared another picture and got them to tell us what they could see this time, and what they thought was different.

It was the leaders turn, we used the annotate function in Zoom to draw on the screen. I started drawing a picture of some traffic lights, and some little red people (rainbows). The girls then had to guess what I was drawing a picture of. They found it really easy to guess, but you could make this more difficult as needed for your own girls.

It gave them an example of how a cave painting might look a little different today to the past. We set them the challenge to draw their own cave painting representing their favourite Rainbow game we play. They then held them up and talked about what game they played. If we were doing it again, we’d try to play some of them. For example we could give Traffic lights a go virtually, we just keep going and going until they are tired!!

As an extension: You could play a game of Pictionary on the whiteboard and get everyone to join in. Or split the whiteboard into sections and get each girl to draw part of a rainbow meeting… the songs, games, activities, getting badges 😀

Have you already had a go at this activity? Have you got a different way you could share?

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