We wanted to share a little about the fundraising we do and what we spend the money on.

We work generally as a group of 3 units when it comes to fundraising (1st Barnehurst, 4th Barnehurst and 4th North Heath). The reason for this, is whenever we do an event outside of our unit meeting times it is for girls across all three units; this means that our volunteer leaders don’t need to give as many weekends and it also means we can offer more.

Pre-covid as a group we offered 3 residential/camp opportunities every year and at least 6 different outings or fun days. We’re hoping to get back to something similar but this all costs money and we’ve missed out on some of our prime fundraising opportunities.

During lockdown 1 we created a princess fun (fun badge) to use as part of a virtual sleepover. As it’s for 3 units we didn’t want to put a unit name or trefoil on so keeping it very much as a fun badge. We went on to create 4 more over the year and currently have stock in all of these fun badges. We managed to use them to theme our terms and activities and even themed some programme activities too. So far we’ve sold lots of badges – but do have a stock of all badges for anyone who would like to grab one for their blanket (you can find them here: We’re planning to launch more fun badges to this series over the next year, but first we’d like to share these with more units across the country.

The money we have raised so far has bought badges for all girls across the units, it’s purchased some new circus skills equipment and we’re hoping that in the next year we can use it to go on a trip slightly further afield.

In the last week our Friday Rainbows (4th Barnehurst) have launched a challenge badge for the Rainbows 35th Birthday in 2022. Although this sits just with them, they are planning to use the money to host a celebration event to benefit lots of Rainbows from other units too (just as long as they can sell lots and lots of badges).

So please do share with everyone you know the fun badges on offer, and the new 35th Birthday Challenge, we’d love to provide new opportunities for the girls in the units.

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