Welcoming new Rainbows

We always knew that it’d be a quieter start to term with only a few left on our books from the last term and also not many on our list to start. We decided to host a taster evening for anyone interested in becoming a Rainbow. We had 7 potential new Rainbows turn up along with 5 of our current Rainbows. So for us, it was definitely a quiet night. But it was fabulous; we got to know the girls and for one of the new ones who wouldn’t even nod or shake her head at the start she was talking to others by the end of the evening.

We kept the evening really simple, we had some crafty activities and some LEGO to play with too, we did our opening and closing songs and showed everyone the types of badges we do at Rainbows too.

As a team; we’ve learned that first night back in September isn’t a great time to run a Rainbows taster night as some of the girls hadn’t even had their first day of school; but hopefully when they make friends at school we’ll find some more want to come and get involved too.

Next week we’re getting started with some unit meeting activities so lots of games next week which we didn’t get time to do this week.

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