Badge stock update

As a unit we’re really lucky to have such a great team of leaders. Not only do they give their time each week, but they go above and beyond to provide extra activities and to find grants and funding opportunities to reduce the cost of these events. The majority of the fundraising we do goesContinue reading “Badge stock update”

6-week Rainbow Socially Distanced Term Plan

As we approach moving back to face to face guiding, we’ve had a go at putting one of our challenge badges in to a term plan, alongside activities from the programme to ensure girls are still working towards programme badges. This is a six week princess themed term plan enabling girls to complete the LeadContinue reading “6-week Rainbow Socially Distanced Term Plan”

Thank you

Since lock-down started, we have been providing girls in our unit (and our sister units; 1st and 4th Barnehurst Rainbows) with as normal a programme as possible. It’s been wonderful; a real challenge for us as leaders to think outside the box, but we’ve been able to continue seeing the girls, we’ve seen parents gettingContinue reading “Thank you”

Virtual Guiding – Home Sweet Home

Over 5 weeks we worked on this challenge badge – culminating in a tea party with our teddies and family. Here you can see the four preparation weeks and the documents we shared for this… If you want to see the challenge pack you can find it here: We’ve really enjoyed it and sinceContinue reading “Virtual Guiding – Home Sweet Home”

Princess Fun Sleepover

We had such an awesome sleepover!! We were joined by 41 Rainbows across the three units for a night of princess fun. We met yesterday at 5:30pm – kicked off our sleepover and got excited about all of the activities we could try. We then helped to cook dinner and made our dens and evenContinue reading “Princess Fun Sleepover”

It’s Princess Time

During lockdown we’ve had our first virtual sleepover and we’re about to host our second. As we finished our first sleepover we asked girls what theme they would like for the next one. They were unanimous!! Disney Princesses and it HAD to have a badge. The Leaders searched high and low for a cool badgeContinue reading “It’s Princess Time”