Badge stock update

As a unit we’re really lucky to have such a great team of leaders. Not only do they give their time each week, but they go above and beyond to provide extra activities and to find grants and funding opportunities to reduce the cost of these events. The majority of the fundraising we do goesContinue reading “Badge stock update”

Another Term Plan or 2

We found it really helpful to other units to share the activities we’re getting up to and how we’re fitting in programme activities as well as fun badges too. You can see below two more term plans. I often get questions about how we fit it all in – but we have slightly longer meetingsContinue reading “Another Term Plan or 2”

6-week Rainbow Socially Distanced Term Plan

As we approach moving back to face to face guiding, we’ve had a go at putting one of our challenge badges in to a term plan, alongside activities from the programme to ensure girls are still working towards programme badges. This is a six week princess themed term plan enabling girls to complete the LeadContinue reading “6-week Rainbow Socially Distanced Term Plan”

What a year… so far…

2020 was set to be an awesome year, we had so much planned, and although Covid has put a stop to some things, it’s also given us lots of other opportunities. We’ve built our website more, we’ve shared resources galore and had almost 3000 downloads!! More than we could ever imagine!! We’ve created two funContinue reading “What a year… so far…”

International Themed Summer Fun

As it’s the summer break, but not like we know, we decided to club together with 1st and 4th Barnehurst Rainbows to run three weeks of international themed activities. We’ll be uploading PDFs of the activities to our downloads page, so feel free to use what you fancy 😀 At the end of the summer,Continue reading “International Themed Summer Fun”