Girlguiding Hero

We’re half way through week 2 of the Autumn term and what a term it is turning out to be. Tuesday we had some more new Rainbows visit and we had so much fun pretending to be cars and learning about how cars signal to show where they want to go, we thought about whoContinue reading “Girlguiding Hero”

Welcoming new Rainbows

We always knew that it’d be a quieter start to term with only a few left on our books from the last term and also not many on our list to start. We decided to host a taster evening for anyone interested in becoming a Rainbow. We had 7 potential new Rainbows turn up alongContinue reading “Welcoming new Rainbows”

Preparing for the start of term

So what do we need to do for the start of term… Offer places to new girls Remind girls of our starting back date, and to let them know some of the things we have planned Advertise any remaining spaces we have to the general public Write the start of term letter and consent formContinue reading “Preparing for the start of term”

Welcome to Cloudy’s Corner

I’m Cloudy, main contact for 4th Northumberland Heath Rainbows (along with a few other units). This blog series is designed to give an insight in to the life of a leader with a small child, trying to get the balance right, between family and guiding. This first entry will tell you a bit more aboutContinue reading “Welcome to Cloudy’s Corner”