Thank you

Since lock-down started, we have been providing girls in our unit (and our sister units; 1st and 4th Barnehurst Rainbows) with as normal a programme as possible.

It’s been wonderful; a real challenge for us as leaders to think outside the box, but we’ve been able to continue seeing the girls, we’ve seen parents getting more involved with what we do at Rainbows and we’ve been able to take more girls ‘away’ virtually than ever before.

We’ve started sharing our activities and resources with everyone and werve now really excited as over 200 people have downloaded the instructions from our Princess sleepover more than 50 have downloaded the full challenge pack.

From our other activities; we’ve had 20 people download instructions from our ‘Big Five Challenge’ sleepover and we’re now seeing lots of people looking at the programme resources we’re uploading too 🙂

Please do share the link for our website and downloads; we’re happy for people to use what they need and we’ll continue adding to this page with other resources we’ve used.

Do let us know if there’s something specific you’re looking for; we might have it tucked away and if you’d like to buy any badges from our sleepovers you can here: or if you can donate a few pound towards our first outing when we’re back that’d be totally amazing.

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